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We specialize in Medicare, Group Health and Worker's Compensation



Medicare utilization continues to rise, and is a significant part of many medical practices.  MTM specializes in the submission of all types of Medicare claims.  At the same time, we are aware of the ever-changing Medicare rules, many which affect reimbursement, and we will make sure to inform you of any Medicare changes that we become aware of. 


Worker's Compensation claims are just different enough from other claims, that many providers are hesitant to perform this work.  Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable about the ever changing and evolving Worker's Compensation systems, and will make it easy for this type of work to be a profitable portion of your practice.Your time is precious.  

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Once we submit the claim electronically, we monitor its process, and most claims are paid within 5 to 14 days.  If payment is not received in the proper timeframe, we initiate a claim inquiry.  By responding quickly to all delays in payment, we increase the likelihood of resolving the issue without further delay.  In addition, we will help keep you up to speed on all pertinent billing and coding trends,  as well as compliance or policy changes.  This will help enable your practice to adapt to changes with minimal disruption or increased costs.  

Let's go Paperless!

New:  Bill Review

Ask how transitioning from paper to paperless can not only help you go green, but will also result in quicker payments.  Please call 818.207.2483 and ask for more information.

In response to our clients' needs, we are now offering bill review services.  Have your bills reviewed by a certified bill reviewer who can provide hard evidence that will stand up in court and get you paid what you are owed.

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