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Teamwork:  The Billing Process

Teamwork:  Build your practice -- we'll do the rest.  Give us your headaches.  We ensure that any medical billing that we perform is not deficient, complies with statutes,and provides the carriers and agencies with all of the information needed to pay the claim quickly


.It is well known that regardless of whether a medical claim is Medicare, Group Health or Worker's Compensation, there are many different rules and regulations that must be complied with..  That's the valuable service MTM provides to you:  .


Verification:  We call the employer/insurance carrier to verify the patient's benefits and the assigned Claims Adjustors.  All, attempts will be made to obtain the proper claim number for billing purposes, if the claim number is not in file.


Authorization:  We at MTM can assist you by obtaining authorization for treatment or testing.  We can  complete the request for authorization (RFA) on behalf of our medical providers  and submit it to insurance/employers, and then follow up.  


Electronic Claims Processing:  We process all workers’ compensation claims electronically or through paper claims, depending on the nature of the client.  


Payment Posting/Payment Reconciling: We match all the EOBs/EORS received from insurance company and reconcile the payment as per the OMFS.  Additionally, we utilize the carriers' online portals to monitor payments.  

We will file Second Bill Review requests to the insurance companies  on all appropriate cases where there was a partial pay or no pay. 


Regarding Accounts Receivable, we work diligently to collect outstanding monies from the defense/Insurance.  If needed, we will provide hearing representation for WCAB heaarings in the Southern California for lien conferences/trials.  adjuster to collect the outstanding balances. We are an EAMS E-filer and electronically do Lien Filing, DOR Filing, etc..

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Teamwork:  Our Billing Process

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