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Frequently Asked Questions

When can you start processing my billing?


Immediately.  Most insurance carriers don't require any special handling or lead time.  For Medicare, there is an implementation process that takes about two weeks before we can submit claims on your behalf.


What information does our office need to provide MTM?


A)  Charge Sheet/Superbill

B)  Patient Demographics/Insurance


D)  Copies of Checks

How do we send our billing and payment information to MTM?


Billing and payment information may be sent via fax, secure email or U.S. Mail.  


How often should we send our new billing to MTM?


We suggest sending billing daily or weekly.  This will help prevent any delays in receiving payments.


What is the billing turnaround time?


Most claims are submitted within 24-hours of receipt from your office. 


Where are the reimbursements sent?


All reimbursements come directly to your office.  


Do you perform patient insurance verification/eligibility?


Yes we do.  we will work directly with the carriers and providers to resolve issues.    


How do you handle denials from insurance carriers?


We review all EOBs including partial payments and outright denials.  We will appeal all appropriate cases and follow up until claim is fully paid. 


How do you charge for your services?


Our monthly fee is based on the percentage of actual collections you have received as a result of MTM's billing activities.   


What medical billing software do you use?


We utilize various state-of-the-art software programs, depending on the individual needs of our clients. 

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