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Why Us?

Founded in July, 2012 Medrina Technology Management, LLC is one of a new breed of organizations whose mission is to enable medical providers to focus more on patient care by increasing revenues  through technological innovation and experienced billers.  Not only do we take advantage of all of today's time-saving software innovations, but we employ an under-utilized tactic -- we listen to our clients!  We pay close attention to the needs of our clients, and design workflows customized to the specific needs of our customers.  We are simply there to help you become more successful in every way.

About MTM

About Us

Providing you with excellent service and great value

Medical Billing/Insurance Collections

MTM is HIPAA compliant and has extensive knowledge of the laws that govern this practice. We invite you to become a MTM practice partner so you can reap the benefits which our existing customers enjoy every day. Allow us to ease your frustration and worry. We will turn your medical billing/ practice management maze into a fine tuned lucrative operation.

     Medical Transcription
Business Process Outsourcing

Organizations are reaping the benefits of reduced overhead by outsourcing certain office functions to our experienced and well-trained professionals.  Call 818) 207-2483 to discuss further.

We have a qualified team of well-trained medical transcriptionists

who stand ready to transcribe all of the medical specialties using state-of-the-art methodology.  Dictation can be processed electronically or through whatever modality the health practitioner utilizes.

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